On Her Own Terms….. Dixie-Headshot      Dixie Lincoln Nichols

1. Describe yourself in three words – Beautiful. Generous. Stylish

2. Tell us a little about your business– I currently own two businesses, both with their own intriguing stories. Dixie Bits, which is a bath and body product company that focuses on creating naturally inspired, Eco-friendly products. Our philosophy is, Less Is More. We are currently in the re-branding stages, and will be re-launching later this year. Inside Outer Beauty is a health and wellness coaching biz, which I started in January of 2015.

3. Who is your ideal client – My ideal clients are women 35 and older who are unhappy with their current health and self. Their bodies are changing and they don’t understand why and how to manage the emotional and physical upheaval that’s occurring. They seriously want to reclaim their body’s homeostasis, confidence, ageless beauty and sexy, and live more beautiful and fulfilling lives inside and out.

4. What are some of the stories you can share about the changes your clients have made –  It thrills me to be able to see the physical and psychological changes that some of my clients have undergone in such a short time. Starting with my number one client, Mr. Nichols, who went from a size 38 pants to a size 32, and no longer has allergies. He’s working out and dare I say he looks sexy.  Some have began to pursue their passions and dreams, like writing a book. Some are unblocking obstacles in their lives, changing their perspective and taking responsibility for their wellness. I’d say overall, my clients are making self-care a priority in their lives, which has been the catalyst for big, positive changes.

5. What do you  love about what you do and what are you most passionate about –  I love helping women discover their ability to heal themselves and change their lives through lifestyle changes. I love helping them discover their duty to themselves. I’m passionate about the act of self-care. These two four letter words can have such a huge, positive impact on a woman’s life. On the way she sees herself. On the way she responds to herself and the rest of the world. So when a woman really understands and embraces the importance of caring for her, it pleases me beyond words.

6. Through the power of connections, tell us about one person that you connected with through your journey that has made a big impact on where you are today –  I have to say Vanessa Coppess. We met over a twitter hi. I posted something. She said hello, and the connection began. After I quit my teaching job, I began to slowly realize that I was falling into the same patterns of hard work and very little self-care. This time around I wanted more for myself, not just money and power. I wanted satisfaction and real happiness with my career.  It so happened that because of my skin care knowledge, women were sending messages to my inbox all the time asking my advise about skin care, and I really loved providing it. Thus, I began to think seriously about the possibility of coaching. So,  I prayed about it and asked God to give me a sign and guide my in the right direction. Then ETTWomen had their first conference, and Vanessa introduced me to Latham Thomas, maternity maven and wellness expert. She was the sweetest woman ever, and Vanessa spoke very highly of her. So when I got home I looked her up, and lo and behold, I saw that she was a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There, I’d gotten the answer I asked for. The next week I signed up for the November session. However, as it turned out, it wasn’t meant to be. I got into a car accident and had to recuperate for 6 months. But, I bust past my pain and started the following January, two months later. My gut and my God told me that this is what I needed to be doing at this point in my life, and my gut and my God always leads me right.  I was even mentored through my first book at IIN, and now have 13 clients that I’m coaching.

7. What is the one piece of advice you can give the women out there struggling to build their Business/Brand today –  This is way more than one piece. You’re never too old to start doing something you love. Toughen up.  No matter what obstacles you may encounter, stay the course, be authentic, believe in yourself, be bold (something I’m still working on) take good care of yourself, learn from others who know more than you, avoid comparing yourself to others and be patient with your process. With your hard work and persistence, eventually, it’ll all come together.

8. Where do you see yourself 3 years from today –  I see tremendous learning and growth for me, personally, for my businesses and for my clients. I see myself thriving and living in a place that matches my spirit. I see my Self Care Symposium Series being in its third year.  I see myself reaching many more women undone with my message of self-care career.

Inside Outer Beauty
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                                                                                                                     ETTWomen's 360 2015 Retreat: Lynette Barbieri and Dixie Lincoln-Nichols


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