4 Easy Strategies To Give A Winning Sales Presentation And Close Sales Like Wonder Woman

winnin Sales Presentation 2


For the first year or so of my business, I was so frustrated. I always found it easy to connect with my prospects, I gave a pretty damn good sales presentation, but just wasn’t closing enough sales, or it took me more than one or two visits to close the sale. I practiced, I read books, showed up for all my trainings. I just really couldn’t understand what I was missing. 

I was in a sales workshop one day and here is one of the biggest things that I realized I needed to get better at that helped me immediately. The sales presentation is your chance to show and tell and get them to realize the need so they purchase your product or service. But it’s not all show and tell. You also need to think strategically about the customer’s buying process and their needs, your competitors’ offerings and why your solution is best. So it takes practice and proper planning. You have to be prepared to win at anything right?

 How to plan and prepare to rock your sales presentation and start closing sales like Wonder Woman to start the new year off right:
  1. Your presentation will always be composed of these 4 parts:
  • IntroductionBriefly greet the potential customer and quickly create commonality. Compliment their home, children, a painting. Something that you honestly connect with that can spark a short comfortable conversation. It is building quick rapport.
  • BodyPrepare to present and show and tell your potential customer why purchasing this product or service is something they need because it will help them or make their lives better in some way. Be  relaxed and be authentic.
  • Conclusion Reiterate your key points make sure there are no questions and you have done your job, by clearly communicating. Start winding down the conversation. You need to be the last one that speaks.
  • Closing/call-to-actionYou have to close the sales presentation by asking your  potential customer to take an action step. So as you mentioned Mr. & Mrs. Client that you are comfortable with the 40 dollar a month program. Wait for the answer (WFA). Great, so let’s get started. Will that be a check today or a credit card? Again wait for them to answer and proceed.

    2. Starts with a quick review of the customers’ goals and objectives – 

Today, it’s not enough to show that you can meet your customer’s needs. Your customer wants to know two things: can you do what we need done and how is this going to make our lives better or easier? Asking what is important to them and what was the goal they were trying to achieve is key. Be a good listener.      

     3. Keep it short –

It is cool to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your product, but don’t get so excited that you ramble on for extended periods of time during your presentation. If you do, prospects will quickly start to lose interest. Keep your presentation as short as possible, focusing on the most critical aspects of your offering.

4. Communicate your value proposition –

We all have our unique strengths. You must have some reasons why you are their best choice and be able to convey it to your potential customer. I always give them 3 big reasons that makes me more valuable to them then my competitor.  The number 1 reason, I explain, is that they get me. Then I explain what that means for them. 

When you stop looking at selling like you are convincing someone to do something, and you start believing you are helping them solve a problem or hit a goal, sales will soon become more natural for you. It takes just as much effort to close a 500 dollar sale as it does to close a 50 dollar sale. Just always remember to practice and prepare your presentation and you will be closing sales like Wonder Woman this year!!    

Do not let Denial, Distraction, Delay or Doubt stop you in 2018! Step out of your comfort zone!                                                                                                                          

If you need help with honing in on your sales presentation skills I have your back! Contact me  HERE


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