5 Easy Steps to Set Audacious Goals

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Goal GetterSomeone who strives to achieve their ultimate goal regardless if the outcome is good or bad. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

As we approach the end of another year, it’s important to reflect on our past year and what we want in the new one. While considering what we need to let go of from our past year and what improvements we need to make in the year ahead. Perhaps you aspire to attend more networking events, increase your business contacts, strengthen your online presence, or offer workshops on a certain subjects you are an expert in. Setting goals, through a formalized plan, will help you prioritize your efforts and steer you in the right direction to personal and professional advancement.

Never limit your possibilities by saying you are too old or to successful to take on a challenge.

Underneath each one of us there may be a hidden talent waiting to be uncovered. It is our choice either to try to maybe find it or else to idle while life passes by. The new year is the time to think about it and then go after it.

  1. Take your time –  Before you begin writing, breathe. Give yourself the time and the freedom to really reflect. Consider your past successes and challenges and assess what you really want your year to look like. Then do the same for the things you would still like to achieve. Maybe you want to become a better public speaker? Or increase your client base? Conversely, maybe there were things on the list that aren’t as important to you now as they were then and you don’t see any value in continuing? The key is to focus your time and energy on the goals that are most important to you because, in the end, those are the things that will keep you motivated. Be stretchingly realistic. Set BIG goals.
  2. Commit your goals to paper –  Writing down our goals is something probably most of us have heard before. I have done it before but not in a way in which I was committed with them. It is necessary to make a contract out of it and write something specific, including a deadline.  Your goals have to be so compelling you will go after them obsessively regardless of the outcome. They need to be clear and concise.
  3. Develop your planI suggest you do this in 90 day increments. What action steps will you take daily, weekly, then monthly to hit your goal. Map it out clearly and break each step out into smaller tasks. Follow a schedule.
  4. Take immediate action Your year starts immediately. Evaluate what 3 things will make the most impact on your business and get started. It is o.k. to ask for help if you are not certain what you need to work on first. Also, an accountability partner will help you.
  5. Remember your WHYIf you have to revisit your why then do it. Make sure it is the absolute thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. It has to make you cry when you think about what happens if you don’t hit your goals. That is your real reason for doing everything that you do. I suggest reading “Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. This will help you understand the process and explain why you need a very clear vision in order to set and hit your goals. 

If you are a goal getter that ultimately becomes a goal hitter, make sure you have a clear concise mental picture of what your success looks like and store it in your mind. It has to be a detailed vision, you will use it all the way until you reach your goal. This vision will help to keep going when you feel like you are lacking motivation and will help you find strength to achieve your goal.  

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