5 Things You Need to Leave Behind When Last Year Turned to Shit

future and past

It seems before we even blink another year is gone right? I hope the long Thanksgiving weekend gave you a chance to reflect a little bit. Here are some things we all need to ponder as the end of this year rapidly approaches. Of course there will be  some of us who are super excited to start a new one and start rolling, while other’s are still wallowing in the year that never turned out exactly like they planned.

We all need to first to look at how our business did this past year in meeting the goals we all hopefully set at the end of last year, before we si down to set new ones. Did you accomplish what you planned to for 2017? Some of us did, some maybe accomplished some but not all of our goals, and let’s face it sometimes some of us just wound up with a shitty year. You know what they say “shit happens.” 

Here is the good news, a new year signals a fresh start, a new beginning. A new year means new promises, new goals, and hope to achieve them all. It’s inspiring how many people use their new year’s resolutions as a jumping off point to a better life. But it’s very important to look back at especially the things that we let deter us and contributed to the reasons why our year turned to crap before we begin writing new goals. 

Here are 5 Things to Leave Behind in the new year before you sit down to map out the new year:

  1. EmbarrassmentBeing ashamed is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. It keeps your from coming to terms with what went wrong with your year. You have to let it go, it’s over.  Shame should be left behind place in your positive future. It serves no purpose but to slow your self growth and damage your self-confidence.
  2. Worry –  We are worried about the year that is passing and where we wound up. Then we are worried about how the new year will turn out. Some people cannot control it no matter how hard they try. I am a worrier so I get it.  I suggest trying to release your negative energy and focusing on the positive. Practice meditation by relaxing your mind. These things can help reduce anxiety levels. Try to forgive yourself for not getting it right today, and try again tomorrow.
  3. Feeling Stuck Don’t freeze because of where you are. Procrastination will make it worse.How much more could you accomplish if you accepted where you are and started over right now?  Pick one thing from last year you can change that would make significant progress in your business and tackle that first.
  4. Resentment These feelings of anger  that slowly creeps up in your gut towards someone or something because you  perceive something to be unfair. Sometimes it actually is unfair, resentment will never change the unfairness. Try to work on releasing these feelings. Don’t bring it into the new year. It wont change anything but it will eat you up so you have to get rid of it.
  5. Feeling Unworthy – Just because you didn’t hit all of your goals, or maybe any of your goals, doesn’t mean you can’t. Learn from the mistakes you have made and learn from them. Nobody is better than you because they are ahead of you or had better things go on in their year. Be happy for them because it has no bearing on you. You are just as valuable. Focus on your journey not theirs. Work on what you need to change, be grateful for your strengths. Never feel undeserving, your time will come too.

Having goals is what keeps you accountable as an entrepreneur. Make sure you’re constantly working toward bigger and better in your business. I encourage you to let go of  those negative unhealthy emotions and leave them behind this year. Start off with a clean canvas and create a new vision board on it! Set brand new goals, get ready for success and prosperity and you can make it a great year!

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