7 Key Tips to Survive and Kick Ass in Network Marketing


In order for you to be really successful in network marketing, it is important to understand why you should even bother. The truth is that it takes time, effort and energy to build a business. Most people are quite comfortable with where they are, so why bother? Well, if your focus is on achieving financial freedom and you want to control your own schedule and your destiny it might just be worth the bother. But if you are going to dive in, then you are going o have to decide to sell out to doing the things that  will be necessary in order for you to succeed. 

82% of women in the US who earn 100,000 dollars do it through Network Marketing. 

Each year thousands of people join network marketing companies. There are also thousands of network marketing companies out there. Still there are many people who  have that negative perception of  network marketing and sill compare them to the ‘pyramid scheme.’ The phrases Network Marketing and Multilevel Marketing brings a variety of thoughts to many.

With that said there are may people who have become very wealthy, but unfortunately around 97% never make it. Three main reasons are that the company itself isn’t great, it was never the right company for them and there is a lack of mentorship and one on one support in the group that they are working in. 

Network Marketing is not only a profession where you generate leads, recruit develop and train independent leaders, it is a mindset business. The more elevated your mindset is, the quicker you will thrive.

These 7 key tips that will help you to survive and kick ass in Network Marketing:

  1.  Find your passionThe biggest key is to be passionate about your product or service. Meaning, find a company where you love the products or services and you personally use them, It makes your own life better or easier in some way. Then your personal story and experience will speak for itself. It is o,k, to change companies until you find the right one for you.
  2.  Work it like a business – Most people work their network marketing business like a hobby, but they expect it ti pay them more than a 40 hour work week? Your income will be in direct proportion to how hard you work it. In the beginning especially you make less money then the hours you put in. If you continue to do that and follow the system it ultimately pays you more for less work. 
  3.  Learn your craftLearn everything you need to know about your business. There is a structure in place and product training available to you for a reason. Find someone who you find commonality with that is successful within your company and copy them.
  4.   Develop your sales skills Learning sales skills are crucial for success in any business. Networking marketing or not your success will depend upon how good you are at selling. You will always be selling yourself, your company and your product or service.
  5. Accept the law of large numbersRecruiting is the life blood of your business. You need a system where reciting never stops. There is power in numbers, and although you may start out with a few prospects, as you get better eventually you will learn how to get more. Going through the numbers means to keep getting prospects and following up, training new recruits to do the same and have a system where recruiting never stops. Never pre judge, you don’t know whats inside a person until you get to know them. Never ever beg, you don’t need any specific person, if it isn’t for them you will find someone else.   
  6. Find a mentor It will help you to succeed a lot faster if you find someone who can help you learn sales, prospect marketing, and recruiting skills even if it is not within your company. You need an impartial person who can help you succeed that you feel a connection to.
  7. Let go of rejection –  Rejection and fear kill people in network marketing. You must develop a thick skin if you want to make it. When people say no to you, it isn’t you they are saying no to. It isn’t personal its business. The timing can be bad for them, and many other reasons why they say no so just say next. Put on your big girl panties and just keep on going. 

Most people choose network marketing because they are attracted to what network marketing promotes, which is work your own hours, do not answer to a boss and create financial freedom. While that is true, nothing is as easy as it sounds. It takes true committment, focus, an infinite amount of personal development  and some sacrifice. You better develop a never give up attitude and realize that it will take hard work, mostly mental. 

I see tremendous value in network marketing and understand why so many women are getting involved. I have been in the industry for over 20 years have made great money, raised 4 children throughout my journey, changed thousands of people’s lives and wouldn’t change it for the world. So my personal advice to you is to evaluate your where you are right now. Ask yourself if you joined the company you are because you 100% believe in your gut that it is the business for you. It is o.k. if the answer is no, find the right one for you then. Like any business. have a plan of where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Have your goals mapped out at the end of the year, make your vision board and develop an action plan to get to where you want to go. Find a mentor you are willing to work with for at least 6 months that can help you to get and stay on track. If you really want to survive and thrive this year find a mentor before the year is out and follow these 7 steps and you will kick ass in 2018!

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