10 Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Sales

Sales Tips


Sales techniques is a phrase used by nearly everyone in the sales industry. Sales techniques are actually a combination of all the different processes and skills that successful sales people use. These techniques and sales skills are absolutely crucial if you want to be successful in sales.

I can’t believe it has been two weeks, but yes, 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of teaching a sales made simple workshop on Saturday and Sunday at our ETTWomen Power of Connections Conference. We had the most amazing speakers, workshop leaders, and attendees that was composed of women entrepreneurs’. If you follow my blog, I have been in financial sales for over 20 years and I have been coaching entrepreneurs’ and the most common challenge I see is that they don’t see themselves in sales.

I talked about the first book that I ever read in sales, How to Master The Art of Selling, by Tom Hopkins. Here are 10 of Tom’s most effective sales tips that really work that I shared at the conference:

1.    Covet your time  Time is precious–only 86,400 seconds in a day.  Many of us waste most of those seconds in unproductive ways. Be aware of how you spend your time and make conscious choices to use it wisely. Try to be productive at every given moment when you are working, so you can totally relax without guilt when you are not.

2.    Have a personal mission statement   When I look at my statement, “If it is to be, it is up to me”  I have hanging by my desk that I look at everyday, it helps to keep me focused. Tom Hopkins personal mission statement at his desk is,  “I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment“.  When you identify what you are about and stay focused on that, it will be so much easier to make better choices with your time.

3.    Spend 5 minutes a day prioritizing Tom suggests, in order to be efficient and productive, taking 5 minutes at the end of every day to sit down, assess and choose the 5 or 6 priorities for tomorrow so you can begin with clarity and direction.  I have been personally been  doing this for a long time. When I fall off the wagon, my day totally gets off track. Try this for 21 days until it becomes a habit and you will see the difference it makes in your day,

4.    Surround yourself with Like-Minded People   Be careful about who you share your time with.  Look for people with similar likes and dislikes and who are in alignment with your goals. People who will build you up in your business and emotionally and spiritually.

5.    Be a follow-up specialistFollow-up is the key to your success. Make a connection with them within 48 – 72 hours after speaking to your potential prospect. Ask to meet them for coffee or at least have a personal phone conversation. 

6.    Take the best of the past to create the future It is important to embrace modern technology, to communicate and to be more effective.But we must continue to use traditional tried and true methods like handwritten thank-you notes to enhance relationships with our connections.

7.    Separate from the pack  If you are lemming, which is always heading the same direction as everyone else, you are most likely not to move forward, figure out what everyone else does only to do the opposite, or do what will ultimately work for you which will keep you ahead of the pack.

8.    Keep a thick skin about rejection Rejection  is one of the number 1 reasons people give up. They take it so personally and it is truly like a punch in the stomach.  Rremember that it is just business over and over again. The more people say no, the faster you will be led to the ones that say yes. It isn’t you, timing or your products or services just isnt’ for them.

9. Make others feel important Most people have an invisible sign on their chest that says make me feel special. People crave recognition even if they don’t admit it. People are so tightly focused on their own business and personal issues and their ego’s that they are ignorant to the needs of others.  Always recognize, support and encourage others on their journey. It will increase the know like and trust factor and your relationships.

10.Tell Your Story –  Don’t use words and phrases everyone uses. Tell your personal story because people buy from who they can relate to and they buy based on emotion. Think service not sales.



Tom Hopkins’ overall philosophy for success can be best summed up by his commitment on how to live life:

“I commit to learn more,
thus I’ll serve more,
thus I’ll build more,
thus I’ll earn more,
thus I’ll save more,
thus I’ll be able to bless others by giving more.”

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