5 Winning Strategies to Be Productive Post Conference






In my last blog I spoke about how important it was to plug-in to big events, such as a women’s conference. Conferences are what you make of them. I mentioned writing down what you expect to get out of the conference. If you’re not sure why you’re going, or what you want to get out of the experience, you’re unlikely to get it. Everything you lean at a big event is only as effective as the strategies you implement and the changes you are willing to make when you get home.

Here are 5 winning strategies to the most out of the conference you attended:

  1. Decompress and relax – Schedule time after the event to take care of yourself and get your thoughts together. Do something just for yourself.
  2. Review your notes and videosMake time to rewrite and read and file your notes. It  is important to pull out 2 – 3 things that resonate with you the most and you know will be the most valuable to implement in your business right away.
  3. Follow – Up is key – I suggest you follow-up with the women you connected with and had possible synergy with as soon as possible. Preferably in 72 hours or less. Strike while the iron is hot.
  4. Use different ways to connectMany of the speakers and the leaders that were at the event will have social media platforms such as a business Face Book page. Join their page. Share the experience you have gotten from the conference and thank them for what they shared if it helped inspired you some way. 
  5. Acknowledge the Coordinators – Gratitude goes a long way. Thanking the facilitator’s of the event gives you the chance to offer to swing by and bring them coffee and talk to them about what you learned and how you may be able to help one another’s business. Ask them questions about their personal business and see if there is a synergy. Usually leaders are the first to recognize the potential opportunity of a strategic partnership.

A great conference will help you to gain insight that will prove to be very useful for you, don’t take it lightly. Believe me there is not another event out there that is more valuable than a conference that is filled with a room full of inspiring like-minded women. It will help you grow personally, spiritually, and in your business if you use what you have learned. Remember if there are no changes made there is no change. Use the powerful information that was shared with you to take your life and your business to the next level.


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