Believe in Your Power

Confidencemakesandsaves you money2


Confidence or self-esteem refers to a person’s sense of worth. It consists of believing in one’s self values, behaviors and abilities.

One of the biggest things that I have noticed when it comes to women taking control of their money is the amount of confidence they have in their abilities. A confident woman embraces her talents and strengths. When a woman is confident they feel powerful and get out there to do what they need to do to take on the world.

When a woman lacks self-esteem they hesitate to take on the unknown because they just simply don’t feel confident in their abilities. Fear takes over. Getting out of their comfort zone is more difficult so it affects all aspects of their lives. Owning their money situation and taking control of their personal and business finances is not any different than any other tasks they have to deal with in their lives.

So if you want to be able to ake control of your money, start working on your self-confidence and belief system. Start with these easy 2 Tips:

  1. Competence breeds confidence – When you know more about something you are less afraid to handle it. Read financial books, listen to financial broadcasts, watch financial shows. Educate yourself on the topic of money.
  2. Embrace your unique gifts – Own it! You have to know and believe you are awesome and could do anything. Focus on your strengths and work on your weakness’.


Ladies, come on now, we give birth, we take care of everyone and do almost everything right? We always have to keep learning in order to grow. Learning a new topics often as possible is what keeps us on the cutting edge as entrepreneurs and as women. So why not just make your next book a book on money? There are so many to choose from. Dave Ramsey puts out excellent books on finance. You have Finance for dummies, Suzie Orman and so many more! Just remember when you feel good you do better and with competence comes confidence so go pick up Women & Money by Suzie Orman and start learning about money today. You will be happy you did it.

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