Sales Made Simple: 4 Easy Ways To Build Rapport


The most effective ways for building sales relationships is building rapport. People buy from people they know, like and trust. They feel most comfortable with people who are like them. There is  nothing more uncomfortable than being with someone and knowing you’re just not connecting. The technique known as mirroring can solve that problem. Mirroring is a powerful way that can help you to connect with your potential client.

Here are 3 simple principles of Mirroring that will help you develop rapport:

  1. Communication Style – Some people are more analytical, they want facts. Others are action oriented and want to get right to business. You have to communicate on their level, it is critical if you want to form a bond.
  2. Be a Good Listener – This is important not only for being liked, but in all aspects as selling. Always listen more then you speak. They want to know you care and that you are paying attention to them.
  3. Match Their Posture – If they lean in when you talk, you lean in as well. If their arms are folded, fold your arms, if their legs are crossed, cross your legs. Pleas remember to be subtle.
  4. Tonality and Pitch – If their voice is low, speak in a low tone. Some people speak louder than others, speak louder too. If they seem excited try to be more excited, or if they seem serious and more monotone, concentrate on sounding like that.

Building a strong relationship with a potential client is the foundation of being successful in selling anything to anyone. If you remember these 4 principals the next time you are presenting your product or service to a prospect it will make selling a breeze!

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