Sales Made Simple

sales is easy

Have you ever had that lump in your throat or that weird feeling in your gut, like butterflies are flying in your stomach just when it was time to present your product or service to a potential client? Did you tell yourself you weren’t in sales or that you hate to sell?

Selling is the most critical skill to learn when you are an entrepreneur regardless of what your business offers. If you want to make money and have a successful jewelry business, dental practice, law firm, landscaping, construction, an author or even a therapist, how can you get clients to  buy your service without knowing how to sell yourself and then your service?

Change your paradigm of what sales truly is. All you are doing is educating someone on  whatever your business is offering them and how it is going to help them and make their lives easier or better in some way. That’s all it is ladies. I am sure that You are passionate about your products or services right? So explain why your service, what it will do for them and what makes your product stand out from the rest? Show your value. It is imperative that they know what you can do for them could make a positive change in their lives.

Here are 3 simple things to remember when you are selling:

  1. Educate – They need to understand what it is going to do for them and why they need to buy it..
  2. Always be who you are – Authenticity always shines through. Sell based on their needs not yours.
  3. Have fun –  Nobody wants to sit with someone that looks unhappy. Be upbeat and remember to smile

When you love what you do it will shine through. So put your best foot forward, literally,  when you greet them lean in so you send the message that you are confident, credible and excited to share the information about what you are offering to them. Find commonality, smile and just have a good time! It should feel just like you are just shooting the breeze.


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