The Cold Hard Truth About Success and Your Attitude


The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.’

Did you realize that your attitude can actually make or break your success? The good news is it is something we can totally control. You can be a great salesperson, super intelligent, an expert in your field. But if you have a nasty attitude, or you have an unapproachable persona where people feel they can’t talk to you freely, or your attitude is up and down, people around you never know who they will get when you walk in the door, it will be almost impossible to succeed in a people business.

Your attitude shows itself in everything you do. Your attitude is so powerful that people can feel and see it in your face before you even say a word. Your body language conveys your attitude. You can sense how someone feels by the way he or she walks down the street, enters a room or sits on a couch. You can hear it in the way they are breathing. Your attitude determines both your simplest and most complicated actions, from the way you carry yourself to the way you deal with hard times. If you are dealing with something, which at some point you will, you can’t bring it to work with you. You can’t meet new people or prospective clients or anyone for that matter you don’t want to repel.

So is controlling your attitude the secret to controlling your actions? If you could control your attitude, then you’d be able to control your actions, right?

Not exactly. That doesn’t work because you don’t have one single attitude. Your attitudes are changeable. One day you couldn’t be happier, until you get into an argument with your spouse. Maybe today you’re excited about going out to meet new people at an upcoming event, but then after a long day you get home and your sweats and sofa look so appealing and you just don’t feel like going anywhere.

Your attitude is changing all the time. As your attitude changes, your feelings also change. Some days you’re not going to feel great. It’s hard to force yourself to feel happy when you’re not. Trying to control your attitude and feelings might work at first, but not for long. Have you ever had anyone say to “well just be happy” when you are in a funk? How annoying is that? Don’t you just feel like punching them? Of course you want to be happy! Who wouldn’t want to be happy rather than dragging your grumpy ass around? If it were jus that easy though.

So if your actions are not a result of willpower, determination, or controlling your attitude and feelings, then what is at the heart of your actions?

Your philosophy is the key.

The key to the slight edge, or doing the little positive things, is discovering the source of your attitude. Understanding what’s at the heart of what you feel and believe is the key to achieving what you want in life. It comes down to what is called your philosophy, which is a fancy word for the way you see yourself and everything around you. Perception is everything.

So what can you do when you aren’t feeling like your usual happy positive self and you have to go to the office and meet people and make things happen regardless?

Here is what you can do the next time you feel your attitude changing, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What do I think is the source of my attitude?
  • Do I feel I even understand them and why I feel this way?
  • What could I do to better understand my attitudes? What can I do to flip my mood?

The bottom line is, attitude is everything as I have said. So if you cant figure out what is making you feel this way, and sometimes we just don’t know, then you better figure out a way to turn it around before you go out into the world to see anyone. Nobody cares why you are in a bad mood, they car how you act and how you make them feel. So make sure you smile, put some pep in your step, and at least act happy until you feel better.

Listen to a positive personal development book, mediate for a little bit. Try a hypnosis app on your phone that talks about positive attitude. There are so many things you could try. If nothing works, or you just don’t’ feel like trying, stay home and don’t answer the phone until your mood changes. Trust me, people can see it in your face and hear it in your voice. Nobody wants to be around people who make them feel bad, they want to be around positive people who make them feel good. So make sure next time you feel funky and you know you have to get to work, look in the mirror and smile at yourself and start to turn your attitude around!

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