The Secret For A Successful Partnership


Partnerships are not always easy. It take compromise, patience and communication just like a real marriage. My business partner and I refer to one another  as ‘work wives’ because true business partnership is as close to a marriage as you can get. We had the opportunity to talk about it with our good friend Dixie Lincoln Nichols of Inside Outer Beauty. We hope you take the time to listen and it can help other partnerships out there.

Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes share the vision of helping others and mentoring women on how to accomplish their personal and business goals. The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Women (ETTW), formerly ETTM (mother), presents a unique approach to networking. They believe in building business and living life holistically, hence their 360 approach to everything they do.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 3 Strategies for a sustainable business & relationship

Please listen HERE click on IOB 053

Thank you so much to my amazing and talented business partner Vanessa Coppes and to our dear friend Dixie Lincoln Nichols “Together we achieve more!” I am looking forward to 2017!

Thank you Dixie- Lincoln Nichols for putting this podcast together! To contact Dixie Lincoln Nichols  and check out her awesome Inside Outer Beauty HERE

For any questions or comments or just to say Hi contact me    HERE

For information on The Entrepreneurial Think Tank For Women HERE

To check out my amazing Parnter Vanessa Coppes HERE









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