6 Top Tips To Help Nail Your New Year’s Resolutions


A new year is finally here! If you are like me you have all of your resolutions written on paper and hung up by your desk. You get up early filled with energy and vigor, ready to tackle 2017 head on. So what happens between that moment and the moment we are already start veering off track as we start to wonder if we are going to be able to stick to all these resolutions we so vigorously set just a few short weeks ago?

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, whether it be a healthier lifestyle, helping the environment, losing weight, writing a book or even managing your money, using these actionable tips will help you to nail every single resolution:

  1. Write Out Your Plan – Write out a clear and specific action plan for each  resolution with a specific time you want to make it happen. Putting your resolutions on paper makes them real!
  2. Get Motivated – It doesn’t matter what the resolution is: you have to get EXCITED! Remind yourself of the benefits of hitting this goal and how great it will feel when you hit it.
  3. Stop Over Thinking – The more time we take to think about whether or not we should do something, the more likely we will find a reason not to do it at all.
  4. Start The Day Off Right – Wake up early and take care of yourself first. Meditate, pray, read something positive, whatever works for you. Try to exercise consistently and eat a good breakfast. Read your goals before you leave start to work.!
  5. Believe You Will – The biggest step to success is believing you will succeed. Practice your technique so you can master your skill in order to help you to achieve your specific goal. Prepare your mind for success. Be confident in yourself and in your abilities.
  6. Find An Accountability Partner –  Having someone with similar goals will help both of you stay on track. When you have someone to call you out on your bull—-, it makes it harder to give up!

Once your resolutions go into effect and you are ready to roll, start to track your progress. Be consistent. Every little step you take towards your goal is meaningful. It’s o.k. if you occasionally slip, just don’t allow it to completely derail you. It is extremely important to stay motivated and positive. Start from a place of confidence and self-respect and you will be more likely to hit every single one of your New Year’s resolutions!

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