3 Essential Tips for Effective Follow Up


All entrepreneurs work hard and struggle to succeed. We have to learn so many things in order to run our business’s successfully. One of the predominant reasons for this struggle, is they do not have a proper plan to follow – up. I am a firm believer in the principal of follow – up. We all work so hard to make a connection. What I will never understand is that after we are so dilligent in meeting these potential clients, why we would risk losing them. Why did it take so long to connect with them again?  The key is to make sure they always remember you. You have to first connect with them again in the next 24 to 48 hours while you are still fresh in their minds.

In every situation where you meet a potential client,  the work is never done in just the initial meeting, it is all about the follow – up . Did you know that only 2%  of sales are actually made on the first contact? It is still only 5% on the third contact. Actually 80% of sales are made between the 5th and the 12th contact.

Here are 3 essential tips that will help you improve your follow – up skills:

  1. Have a Follow – Up Plan
  2. Set a Follow – Up Schedule
  3. Take Action

You must treat your follow – up  like you do anything else in your business. It has to be setup  in your planner, and you have to work your system. So many times I have conversations with my associates asking how an initial contact or appointment went. Too often the answer is that they still haven’t heard from them? My response is “have you tried reaching out to them?” What I find is they feel they are bothering them and they don’t want to seem pushy. When you connect with someone and you tell them you will be contacting them in the next day or so, they are expecting you to reach out right? Think of your follow – up as being pleasantly persistent, and remember to do it as many times as it takes. It isn’t a no until they say I am just not interested, or please do not call me again.  Have someone help you choose which follow – up techniques will work best for your business and get started today. It is all about taking action!

Please contact me with any questions or comments or just to say Hi!

Lynette Barbieri


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