Successful Strategies to Be Productive & Get Focused When The Kids Go Back to School


Being a mom is an awesome and incredibly rewarding job. Being an entrepreneur gives us the flexibility and the freedom to raise our kids and make money at the same time. I am a mom of 4, and an entrepreneur, so I know most of you reading this are as happy as I am about the first day of school. It is o.k. to admit it! We all realize that when you have kids and you are trying to run your business at the same time, we never really expect our day to go as planned. Especially during the summer when we try to be the entertainer/ business owner. We all start looking forward to the end of August when you can almost see that school bus pulling up to your corner.

Today the morning felt different. As I went down the stairs I noticed there was clearly more pep in my step. I had that feeling that I can conquer the world. Well, at least the day. Can you relate? The lunch was made all ready and packed in the frig. Breakfast dishes were on the table, coffee started dripping. Ah the smell of a perfect day. As I was making my daughters healthy first day of school breakfast I started actually doing the happy dance! I was ecstatic that my whole day was planned and I was all ready to take it on.  The key was I planned out my day.purplehappydancegirl




Here are some helpful Strategies I use that hopefully will help you to be more productive when your kids are off to school again:

  1. Prioritize your tasks – Make sure you have your list from the night before written out with everything you need to do that. Put them in order of importance. Highlight the most important things you must get done. If there is time left over you can knock some more off the list.
  2. Have a goal for the day – Know what you have to get and want to get accomplished today. Setting goals release energy. Reviewing them throughout the day keeps you focused on hitting these goals.
  3. Put your schedule in writing  – Have your planner ready. Block out time for everything. Meditation, the gym, phone calls, lunch, meetings etc.
  4. Set 90 minute time blocks – Work uninterrupted for 90 minutes then take 10 – 15 minute breather for a snack, bathroom break, or whatever you need to do. This will keep you from burning out to soon and help you to stay the course and be more productive.
  5. Delegate and outsource – Do what you do best and give out the rest is my new motto. You can’t be good at everything and you shouldn’t be expected to. Do the most important things you have to get done first that only you can do. Take help for the rest or you will fall short at some point.

We all have so many things we juggle every single day. As moms and business owners we are certainly spinning many plates. We need to be productive not just busy. In order to accomplish this and be more productive right out of the gate the first week the kids are off to school, then do it. Plan your work out and then work your plan. One key to being more productive that I have found is to get out of the house and do not try to work from home. Especially the first week. The last thing you need is to get distracted with laundry, the dog, dust bunnies. Put on your lipstick and get dressed and just get out there and walk away. Do your happy dance as you walk to the car and just do it and get to work. I know we can all have an amazing and productive day and get right back on track ladies and make it an amazing month!


contact me I would love to hear how your first week went!



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