7 Easy Breezy Overlooked Tips to Help You Manage Your Time


Who doesn’t wish they were more productive at the end of the week? We all strive for a healthy, productive, activity filled life don’t we?  One of the biggest challenges I have found, for women entrepreneurs, is managing their time. It is so easy for us to get overwhelmed and lose sight of what is most important.

Here are 7 simple tips that will help all crazed women entrepreneurs out there manage their time more effectively and achieve optimal productivity:

  1. Learn when to say yes and when to say no – There are times we have to say yes because it can help our business in a positive way. Maybe it is going to an event where certain people will be, or a conference where a speaker we can learn from and help us get to the next level. possibly some coffee or lunch with someone we want to connect with. Then there are times we have to recognize what does not serve us, and when to say no to. We can’t be everyone to everybody or be everywhere. I stopped spreading myself too thin for almost 2 years since I had an unexpected bout of mono. It is all about prioritizing our time and setting a realistic schedule we can adhere to. Do not worry about what other’s will think. Put yourself first.
  2. Set Up a Consistent Schedule – If you want your business pay you enough so you can earn a comfortable living, set a non flexible schedule in a planner and stick to it. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like one. This will keep you from running errands like getting a haircut, mani-pedi, or going shopping during your work scheduled hours.
  3. Delegate as much as possible – All of us A type personalities, which a majority of successful entrepreneurs are, are control freaks. I admit I needed control freaks anonymous meetings. I do not feel bad when I can’t do it all anymore. If someone you are working with tries to do it all, more power to them. They can delegate but they choose ot too. Life is all about choices. When someone throws it in your face and says that they ‘do everything’, implying you do not do enough, tell them that’s their choice not yours, delegate or do it and don’t complain to me about it. It is as simple as that. Being a control freak is the number 1 reason for entrepreneurial burnout. Nobody deserves a medal for doing it all. That is called being a martyr. Do what only you can do best that nobody else can do, teach other’s to do the rest for you. It is only in their head that nobody is as great as they are at everything. Everyone needs to accept help.
  4. Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door – Shut off the cell phone during your work hours. People want to interrupt you and tell you whatever they think is important to them whenever they are ready. Guess what, unless you are a therapist, you have no time for that. Set a timed appointment during the day for people to talk to you. If it isn’t in the schedule and it isn’t an emergency you don’t have time for it.
  5. Do not let people try to talk you into doing things you are not good at – Sometimes people expect certain things from you. Unfortunately, because you aren’t good at it, it may take you double or triple the time to carry it out then someone else. You do not have precious time to waste. Ask for help. Find someone who is good at it and pay them to do it if it needs to be done. If it doesn’t and will never make a significant change in your life or business, do not do it at all.
  6. Schedule a weekly date night –  When it is in the schedule you will stick to it. This is a helpful tip for managing your time for a few reasons. One, if you have alloted time to spend with your spouse, no kids, preferably weekly, to just talk and catch up on the week, it will avoid many arguments that will eat up time out of your schedule during the week. communication is key. Being without your kids is very important to.  Most people get divorced after the kids grow up because they never learned how to have fun or spend time alone together.
  7. Get a time management accountability partner – Share your schedule with someone and have them help you stick to it. My husband will come in my office or txt me when I am supposed to be wrapping up my appointment. I tend to let the conversation runaway with me and can easily make a 30 minute appointment turn into a 60 minute event. Make someone your official time police. We set 30 minute appointments back to back with our ETTWomen laies so there is no time to waste on chit chat in between.

Becoming a better manager of your time, it will take some effort but it is worth it. Sticking to a schedule will decrease your stress, make you feel more accomplished, and help you get so much more done. The best part is that it will leave you more time to do the things that you love, which is why we are entrepreneurs in the first place. We all want to design our own schedule so we have more time freedom. These tips will help you find more hours in your week to do those things if you work at it and stick to it. Get yourself a good planner where you can schedule in all aspects of your life and get started today!

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