Throwback: Thursday The Power of Connections 360 Conference 2015


There are those memorable times in our lives that when we start to daydream and think about them we get we get that awesome feeling in the pit of our stomach. Do you know what I mean? The feeling that makes you know that you were exactly where you were supposed to be. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. The third annual ETTWomen’s  Power of Connections 360 Conference was that special place for me last year.  We laughed and we cried. We ate drank (a little) and we danced. But most importantly most of  us built relationships that will last a lifetime.

That weekend was all about opening up and being vulnerable. Ready to learn, open to change. Connecting and bonding with other like-minded women on a whole other level. Yes my amazing business partner, Vanessa Coppes and I, put the event together. However, it was the phenomenal speakers and workshop leaders and media panel that gave selflessly of themselves to all of us for 2 days.

As a woman entrepreneur for 20 years myself Vanessa and I realized there was such a great need for women entrepreneurs to be able to connect and network with intention with other women that are just like them. Everyone of us has the need to find like-minded women that go through the same crap on a daily basis. Especially an entrepreneur who might be a mom, wife, daughter, or a care taker etc. Most people don’t understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Let’s face it we do NOT all have that support system we need from our family and friends and sometimes not even from our spouses.

So yes there is the good the bad and the ugly when you are putting together a conference. Finding sponsors to believe in what you are doing and buy into your vision can be a daunting task. Finding the right venue to hold it. Getting the right speakers to bring the right message to the attendees. The list goes on. It usually gets so hairy two months before the conference itself Vanessa and I are looking for a lawyer to get divorced.  But when all of that is said and done and you have that ‘feeling’ it makes every minute of it worth it. Getting women calling for weeks after the conference  you saying the weekend changed their lives is worth every single second of the stress filled weeks leading up to the event.

We are the single most important asset we have. Investing in yourself is imperative to be able to grow period. It is also crucial to connect and build relationships for so many reasons aside from just building your business. We must always be students. We cannot ever stop learning and evolving. Part of that process is going where you can meet people just like you. Make sure you are looking for special events that resonate with you so you can think back on that day and know that you made the right choice. You never know what event you go to that will be the one that changes your life!



For more information on our 2016 Conference ETTWomen’s 360 Conference  or Contact Me

Lynette Barbieri




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