7 Tips to Supercharge Your Monday


I don’t know about you but I have had some pretty crazy and unproductive Monday’s that ultimately took me down a winding road filled with setbacks that led to a very unproductive week. We all know the success of our week can depend a lot on how well our Monday goes. There will always be a wrench thrown into our day that we cannot control but what I have found over the years is that if I prepared  for my week on a Sunday night it would always lead to a better Monday morning and a more productive day overall.

Here are a few things I do on a Sunday night that has helped me and I hope will help you to supercharge your Monday:

  1. Clean your house –  When you  wake up on Monday to a clean house and come home Monday night to a clean house it keeps your brain clear so you can focus on more important things. If messes don’t bother you then you can skip this step.
  2. Go food shopping –  Meal prep is important. Make and pack your lunch and set up your dinner for later that evening. I make my lunch and set up my dinner almost every night. When my kids were small I had all their lunch bags packed and ready to go. This is an important step for two reasons.  The most obvious is that it saves time. It also helps you to make healthier food choices and be more in control of what you eat.
  3. Review your calendar – Go over what appointments you have and confirm them so your schedule is set up for the day. Make sure to schedule time for the gym and for lunch!
  4. Make a to do list –  Put your list together for Monday. Highlight the tasks that must get done in order of priority and write it in down in your planner.
  5. Get your clothes ready –  Having your clothes picked out and ready to go saves time and energy on a Monday morning. If you go to the gym pack your gym bag too.
  6. Put your coffee pot on the automatic timer – This may not be important to everyone, but I like to walk to my coffee pot with one eye open and have it ready to go! I also saves a few minutes you can use for something else.
  7. Pack your computer – Pack your planner and all your necessities in your bag so you can just grab it and leave. It will make it harder to forget anything and save time not having to pack everything up.

Taking the extra time on Sunday to prepare for Monday and for your week is the absolute best way to set yourself up for success. You will be amazed at how much more focused you will become on  Monday mornings. It will also make it easier to sleep knowing that you have  covered all your bases and there is so much less you have to do in the morning because you took care of it all the night before. A great rest also makes it easier to hit the ground running.  When you are an entrepreneur your business depends on how productive you are. Now that you have taken the time to prepare and set yourself up on Sunday you are ready for an great Monday and an awesome week!

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