How To Completely Change Yourself and Shed Your Skin

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Webster’s Dictionary defines reinvention as “to make major changes or improvements”.  Each time something big happens in our lives like changing a job, starting a business,  losing a loved one, a break up, getting married or having children, we have to stop to take a look and take control of where we are. The first thing you have to accept is that if you want to reinvent yourself. You have to be ready for the change. You have to decide and then take the necessary action.

 Most of us have experienced this and have had to reinvent ourselves at least once in our lifetime. I’ve had to change and start over several times in my life.  Each time I’ve done it, I’ve moved forward deliberately with fear and excitement.

 I’ve also waited for my future to find me at times and realized it was never going to happen. I had to take action to go out and find it. I can also relate to feeling lost in boredom and sadness, and have gotten caught up in situations I never wanted to be in.

 One morning, a few years ago, after struggling for a while with feeling stuck, I woke up and realized that I was having so much trouble moving forward partly because I had no idea what it was that I wanted to move toward. I was thinking about my present situation, but not what I wanted for my future. I never just sat down and thought about what would make me happy. All I knew was the same things that made me content before were making me unhappy now.

  How do you know it is time to reinvent yourself?

  Ask yourself:  “What do you want more than anything right now?” Sometimes we have an answer but we immediately reject it because we don’t know what to do with the answer. Also because what it’s saying isn’t hugely inconvenient or it’s not what we are supposed to want.

 When I came to that crossroad in my life, which happened to be over 40, I made the decision tho jump into the unknown and change everythigng I had been comfortable doing for almost 20 years! Here are 10 tips that I know can help you with your process:

1. Believe in yourself – There’s nothing you cannot do and you must start believing in it.  Start telling yourself you can do it every single day. You have to know you can make anything happen if you really want to. If you believe you can then you will.

  2. Develop your CCMP – A ‘Clear Concise Mental Picture’ of what you want to be doing. See your vision. Believe you’ve actually achieved it.  Create a vision board; having a visual of what you want is extremely helpful.

  3. What Are You Good At –   For example, I discovered early in my career my strength was thinking outside the box and working with people. Also realizing what you aren’t good at is just as important. This doesn’t mean if you are not good at something you will need to learn for your new endeavor you can’t. You just need to recognize it and learn it or team up with someone who can help you.

  4. Get out of your comfort zone – Go to new places. Meet new people and learn new things. It is all a part of the process.

  5. Accept where you are starting from – Don’t expect all this change to happen overnight. Know where you want to go. Change will be difficult but necessary

  6. It is crucial to find like-minded women – Being surrounded by the right people is key. Despite their different backgrounds and paths the women you will meet will become mentors and  encourage-rs for each other.

  7.  The Road will be bumpy – Anytime we look to make big changes and  try new things it can be a bit like an up and down rollercoaster. Don’t give up. Focus on your goal and stay on course.

 8.    Take care of yourself – Now even more than ever before it is important to care of yourself and be patient and empathetic with yourself during the transformation. It will be hard but worth it. Self-care isn’t selfish you deserve it and it is necessary to run the race!

 9. Work on your confidence –  Self-confidence and believing you are capable of doing it has to be the most important attribute to doing anything.  Be confident that the new you is the better you, be confident in the process.

  10. Get over what people think – It is time to do what makes YOU happy. Being happy in the end is the whole reason for reinventing yourself in the first place. Remember this phrase, ‘what other people think about you is none of your business.’


Truly recreating who you are, whether you want to change your career, your relationships, or the way you view your relationships, it is hard work, but it pays off tenfold. If you want to reinvent yourself, you have to make a game plan, address your flaws, and never stop learning.  Before you know it you are doing it! If you commit to the process of change and work on yourself daily ultimately it will happen and you will love being the new and improved you!

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