6 Secrets for Becoming More Self Confident

Self Confidence

Many women entrepreneurs have a hard time getting their business off the ground for an array of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons I believe is their lack of self-confidence. We can lack self-confidence for various reasons, what we were told when we were younger, lack of support at home perhaps. The good news is we can change anything about ourselves if we are willing to work on it. Here are 6 Secrets I learned to become more self-confident:


  1. Stop comparing – Instead of focusing on what other people have and what they do focus on yourself. Figure out what your special gift is and work on that. It is easier to feel good about yourself when you like what you are doing, and if you do it well it is inevitable you will enjoy it.
  2. Love Yourself – We have all heard the expression if you don’t love yourself you won’t be able to love anyone else. It is so true, yet many of us struggle with really loving ourselves. If it is hard for you, it’s o.k. but start working on it now. Tell yourself every single day in the mirror that you love yourself and start embracing it.
  3. Don’t Sweat the small stuff – Go with the flow and work on learning how to relax and live in the moment. Sh– is going to happen no matter how hard you try so don’t let it rock your world. It isn’t you, stuff just happens sometimes. Focus on the big picture and don’t stress over the little things.
  4. Do what you love – We have all worked some place we never liked in return for money. I believe if you love what you do and you are doing what you love you will naturally feel more confident because of the belief you are in what it is that you are offering.
  5. Stay positive – Attitude is everything. We all have our moments but we need to try our hardest to stay positive as much as possible. When you walk around with a positive attitude you will naturally exude more confidence.
  6. Accept responsibility – You are where you are because of the small decisions you have made over time. Accept that and move on. Forgive yourself, take ownership of your mistakes and be accountable for your results moving forward.


Confident women are aware of their flaws and they are not afraid to show them. That’s why they collaborate with other women with different strengths and flaws so they can complement one another. These women are naturally risk takers and are not afraid of making mistakes because they understand the need to learn and grow from them. I also find women comfortable in their own skin are more giving and also are more accepting of others. I believe in the power of affirmations. Whatever we feed our brain, our brain will then believe is real.

Here is a great affirmation to start and end your day that will help you with your confidence! Make sure to say it out loud and write it down also. Put it somewhere you can look at it multiple times throughout the day. Repetition is key.

I am strong, I am confident, and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Feel Free to contact me with any comments, questions, or just to say hello!



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