How To Become Coachable in 12 Easy Steps

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In order to to become coachable we need to first look at what coachability means. For an entrepreneur, it means to have blind faith, to listen more, and to ask focused questions. You must be trainable and completely teachable. Someone who is coachable listens with the intent to learn and improve their craft. They are open to change in order to grow.

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my working adult life. For the last 20 years I have been training and developing entrepreneurs to become successful independent leaders. As the leader I am expected to provide the business model and necessary tools and support to help the individual master their craft and be able to run their business and achieve success.

In order for this mentor-student relationship to work there has to be a commitment between both parties. First and foremost I expect my client to show up. They must be willing to follow the system and implement the strategies I provide for them. When you are coachable, ready, and willing to learn you ask a lot of questions and you run with the play your mentor provides you with. It is always a balance between being humble and sticking to your individuality and authenticity.

The question is: are you coachable? Here are a list of actions you can take to develop character traits that will make you more coachable.

  1. Be open and ready to learn new information
  2. Understand that you do not have all the answers; be open minded to learn
  3. Ask focused questions
  4. Step outside of your comfort zone
  5. Strive for improvement and work on personal development every single day
  6. Set clear goals and expectations and share them with your coach
  7. Change when needed
  8. Be willing to apply new strategies and information
  9. You must accept feedback about performance, habits, and attitude in order to improve
  10. It is o.k. to question and challenge ideas, but always be respectful
  11. Be accountable for your actions and outcomes
  12. Follow the system without ever losing your individuality

So the truth is that in order to be successful we all need a mentor or coach that can work with us in the trenches, that has walked through those landmines before. All of us have to learn from people that have already paid the price of learning in order to achieve success and reach our goals and dreams. Remember that being coachable means learning new things and then actually doing something with the information that you are taught. Remember that action rids fear!

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6 thoughts on “How To Become Coachable in 12 Easy Steps

  1. This is really great 🙂 some people get caught up thinking they know everything the best without even realizing it! When we open ourselves up to advice we can achieve so much more!


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