Make People Remember You


If you are trying to grow your business you have to network and connect with people. That is no secret. How you do it can make a huge difference in whether the connections you make then have to be turned into a relationship of some sort. In order for that to even be possible they need to remember you. You only get one chance to make an impactful first impression. Here are a few things that can help you.

1.  Be a people magnet –
When you walk in to a gathering you should light up the room! Make people gravitate towards you.  Attitude is everything. You must be happy and upbeat and positive at all times when you are connecting with new prospects. Smile a lot, talk louder and walk faster then most people do. Make people feel great when they are with you. If people feel good when they are around you they will stick around to talk to you. They will also wonder what you do that your so damn happy and excited.
2.  Be different

Respond differently then most people do. Wherever you go to meet new people they are going to ask basic questions. Think of something  unique, or funny to say.  Instead of saying great, or fine, try Unbelievable! Your response always has to be positive even when you might have some not so positive crap happening. A positive one word response like unbelievable covers it all!

3. Wear something to make it easy for people to remember  –

You want to be noticed. That’s the bottom line. If you wear something that makes people  ask you where you bought it or just comment on it, the more likely they remember you when you follow up. For example, a cool pair of shoes, a bright colored blouse or jacket. Even a bright lipstick can make you stand out.  A cool scarf, something in your hair, or maybe a hat.  When you follow up you could say, “Hi Vanessa, this is Lynette, I had the bright red scarf you said you liked.” You will pop right back into their head a that moment.
4. Always ask a lot of questions
It is more effective to ask questions about them because that is most likely their favorite topic. It also keeps you in control and they won’t have time to ask you too many things. When you are ready to finish talking to that person tell them very little about you and let them know you will touch base with them in a few days.  When you do call them they will remember you because you let them talk about themselves the whole time.
5. Remember their names
I have a hard time remembering names so this is a big one for me. When you can squeeze their name a few times into the conversation it will not only keep their attention, it will also help you to remember their name. You could say SO Vanessa tell me a little bit about what you love about what you do? Have you lived in the area for a long time Vanessa? Vanessa I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way. Close with saying, “Vanessa it was a pleasure speaking with you tonight and I am looking forward to speaking with you again soon.”
Make sure you pay attention to these few things the next time you show up to a networking event and/or gathering. It will substantially increase the odds that the people you connected with will remember you when you follow up! Do not forget to follow up within the next 24 to 48 hours. The longer you wait the  harder it is for them to remember you.
Fell free to contact me for more networking tips or any questions you may have!
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3 thoughts on “Make People Remember You

  1. I love how you said “attitude is everything” because so many times I see people at gatherings, whether professional or personal, who look like they don’t want to be there. It’s so important to convey a POSITIVE message even in body language. Excellent post!!!


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