ETTWomen’s Conference: The Power Of Connections, 2015

Our 2 day 2015 Power of Connections Conference at Bella Vista Country Club! Epic!


“A life changing event. The caliber of the speakers and the lessons learned were truly priceless. It’s a must attend for 2016!”  CinchShare
“It is said that we become like those we choose to acquaint ourselves with. What a statement that is when you consider the backbone of this group and the many truly amazing women we have in ETTWomen. The power of greatness is never limited by the efforts of oneself, but includes the support and direction of those who bring wisdom, individuality and shared goals to the same table. Here’s to an awesome organization that will only get better in time!” Joanne Malley
Thank you Angela Squicciarini Photography for capturing our amazing conference!
Thank you Provident Bank, CinchShare, Inside Outer Beauty, S. Best Designs, Joanne Gubitosi, Balance Your Life, Kelly Lynn Adams, FINE to FAB, Million $ Party Girl

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