If You Want To Be Successful Find A Mentor Now


A mentor provides insight you might not have been aware of. They will be your trusted adviser.

Who needs a mentor? I believe the answer to this is: any entrepreneur that wants to have a successful business. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines actually said that the difference between a budding entrepreneur who merely shows promise and one who is already enjoying success is often  because they had a good mentor.

I know you have probably heard this before, if you do the work at things long enough you will ultimately become successful. Well, if you can expedite the process and become successful faster why wouldn’t you? When we are working in our business, in the trenches, I know it’s hard to recognize all the things we need to be working on. I know that having a mentor can help us not only recognize and identify these things that may be harmful to our business and may be holding us back, but they can help us correct them and help us to work on our business, not get stuck working in it.

Here are a few reasons why a weekly or monthly meeting with a mentor/coach is  a crucial  part of building your business.                                                              images (26)

  • A mentor helps you to create disciplines that may be  hard to do on your own.
  • A mentor can pass on  information or perspectives and wisdom we may not want to hear but we need to hear.
  • A mentor will become your trusted adviser.
  • A mentor points out blind spots you are unable to see and points out personality issues that may be holding you back.
  • A mentor helps you correct attitudes and behaviors that may be hurting your business right now.
  • A mentor helps you develop your mission and helps you to get clear on your vision and articulate it.
  • A mentor nurtures and draws out your strengths and potential locked inside you.
  • A mentor helps identify and work on your weaknesses

I have to admit ladies,  I am a control freak. I pretty much have always wanted to do everything on my own. I dedicated myself for a long time to building my financial business and building successful independent leaders. While I have been successful, I realized a few years ago that it was o.k. to ask for help and let other people lead like I taught them to do. With that said, I did always recognize the benefit of having a mentor. I knew I needed someone to coach me so they could help me grow and become a better leader. I admit it was probably the #1 reason I have stayed in business so long.

We all feel, as entrepreneurs, we need to put 90% of our time into working our business. I was there too. It seems daunting to free up an hour a week or an hour a month in some cases to sit and talk to someone and have them coach you. I am here to tell you that that will be the most important time you put aside for your business bar none. There can be inexpensive ways to start the ball rolling to get some coaching, even if it is one hour a month just to get started. Do not be too busy or too penny wise and dollar foolish to find someone to help you that you can be accountable to on a weekly basis.  The difference it will make in your life and in your business will be priceless and pay you back tenfold!

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Do you have a mentor?

How has it benefited your business?

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