What Is A Strong Woman?

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Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you just don’t feel like you can hold it up? You’re not alone.

I was recently reading a blog I follow, Seeds4Life, and it talked about being strong isn’t just about physical strength. It really struck me today. I always talk about women being super woman, and trying to act like a super hero! I just always related that to being a busy mom and an entrepreneur spinning many plates.  Today, I put it in a whole different perspective.

I feel especially as women, we have to be strong in so many different ways. Physically, we have to stay as healthy as possible because when we get sick the household falls apart. Mentally, we have to be  strong because when we get depressed, or worried, or anxious, we aren’t showing our kids a good example. Of course we don’t want them to be worried or anxious, or get depressed.  Spiritually we have to certainly be strong in order to pass it on to our children, and to quite frankly, hold us together!

We do hold the weight of so many things on our shoulders. Which sometimes does feel like the world! We take care of the kids and/or family members. Our spouses or partner. Then our pets, the house, the finances, oh and our business has to run somehow too. It’s no wonder some days we don’t feel strong enough to lift all that weight.  That’s why I know it is so important to have your tribe. Connecting with the right women that can support you when you don’t feel strong enough to hold up the weight yourself.

Connecting and building relationships with like minded women will help keep you strong. When you reach out and ask for the support they are there to make sure you never ever give up. Let’s face it, we all have friends and family that will never understand all the plates we actually spin as women entrepreneurs because they simply cannot relate. That is the way it is and it’s o.k.

Go out and network and meet other women with similar likes. When you find the right women that you connect with you will feel the synergy. Look for the women that share the same values and similar goals as you do. I promise you that it is the best feeling there is once you find them.  The feeling that you can breathe a sign of relief because you found women who push you up not pull you down. The kind of women that help you carry the weight not put more weight on your shoulders. You feel elated and relieved at the same time and know you are not alone. So go out and meet a bunch of women until you find your tribe and in the meantime please be strong and never give up!

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