Say Bye Bye To Negative Draining People!


Let go of those who drain, deplete and discourage you.
And especially those who don’t appreciate you!

Some of us let others act this way around them simply because of the guilt we feel about acting in a rude manner or just walking away from the relationship. In case you didn’t get it yet, I am guilty as charged!  What you need to realize is that if you are trying to build a successful business it is a priority that you associate yourself with the right kind of like minded people.

We all have people in our lives that repel people more than they attract people. The people that take more than they give, that you feel drained after you finished talking with them.  They are always the people that ask for more and the one time you say no, or you don’t agree with them they are upset with you and talk about you anyway. You can never make these people happy and you will never be able to do enough. So walk away!                                       done

How do you recognize these types of people?

  • They take pleasure in annoying you
  • They target your self esteem
  • They cause stress
  • They are manipulative and controlling
  • They just don’t give you a good vibe to be around

I am here to tell you that these types of people will drag you down! They will not ever build you up. There is no reason to be in their company and it is o.k. to shut yourself down and walk away. Try to keep in mind it is usually their insecurities that drive their behavior and it really has nothing to do with you. There are professionals that can help them if they want help but you can’t help them. People have to want to change you will never force them to.

Until you let these people go and disassociate yourself from them you will never be able to grow to your full potential. Surround yourself with people that you feel good when your around. They build you up not drag you down. They compliment you not criticize you. They will find the good in what you do before they find the negative. Giving you advice to make you better in some way is not criticizing, it is helpful advice if it is meant to help you. As long as they are finding more good then  the faults they are pointing out to you.

Go with your gut instinct and if you feel that it is not a mutually beneficial relationship and you don’t walk away  feeling that it was time well spent every time you are around these  people, don’t hang around with them period. Let them go move on and go find people that bring out the best in you when you are around them!

To Contact Lynette Barbieri for questions or comments :             avoid_negative_people-500748


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