The Best Leaders Give First

greatquoteLeadership is Influence. Inspiring others to do better. It is not an exclusive club. The traits of a leader can be acquired.

Let’s face it, most people are not born leaders. Some possess more leadership qualities than others, but leaders are all developed over time.   It doesn’t matter if you are a manager at your job, if you have employees, business partners, run a group or organization, or even if you have people that follow you through social media, you are considered a leader.

I want to share some leadership tips with you that have helped me over the last two decades to develop successful leaders and also keep clients coming to me so my business could thrive.

  • Leaders “Motivate” they do not “Intimidate”
  • Leaders must care about their people
  • Leaders need to build strong personal relationships
  • Leaders treat people with respect
  • Leaders look for people’s strengths not pick on their weaknesses
  • Leaders are positive so people want to be around them, they don’t feel like they have to be around you!
  • Leaders do it first; they don’t expect people to do what they have not done first.
It is important remember the “giving principal.” Give first without expecting to get. It is the key to your business and your leadership.  Some people reach a certain level of success,  and then just stop doing the things that got them there.  Usually, that’s because they’ve stopped giving to others.

Here are some suggestions to help you focus on giving:

  • Give your commitment, your loyalty and your support
  • Give from the heart and always be sincere
  • Don’t act too busy to be there for people or that you are more important than them
  • Draw strength from those who need your help
  • Praise people and let them know how great “They” are, it’s NEVER all about you
  • Make people feel “special” and point out their achievements all the time

If you work on your leadership skills, and focus on the giving principal, you will always be able to grow, even when you think you’ve gone as far as you can go! Remember, everyone has an invisible sign on their shirt that says make me feel special! Make someone feel special today!

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