Winners Keep Charging!


The sales business is a business of momentum. What do I always say, if you are in business, and you have to sell a product or a service in order to thrive, you are in sales! A good sales person keeps the momentum going. Once you lose your momentum, it is extremely hard to get it back again.

Keep your activity up. You should all be doing something!

We can all create activity on a daily basis. You can actually have fun while you do it! Meet someone for coffee or lunch to discuss how you can help one another’s business. Go to a fun networking group and make connections, align yourself with some like minded people.

Charge even when you don’t feel like it. When you feel great, when you feel not so great, When everyone said no, when people cancel, or when people quit. Just keep moving and creating activity every single day regardless of the circumstances and you will come out a winner!


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