3 Tips to Overcome FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real


Some people let fear ruin their business. Fear actually holds people back more than opportunity or talent. It’s important to remember that succeeding means taking chances. In order to do that you cannot let fear rule your life. Here are some suggestions for controlling fear. Fear is just false evidence appearing real. It is something that is exaggerated in your head. 

1  Don’t be afraid of things that can’t control you – You cannot agonize over every decision. Learn to trust your instinct and just do what you think is best. Just do it! The best way to overcome fear is to just get out there and do it. Do the thing that you fear the most and death of fear is certain!

2  Never fear the competition – Never compare yourself to what others are doing. Don’t worry if they are doing something better than you.Just worry about making sure you get better and that you are progressing. Being envious or jealous of others will only take your focus off your business and what you need to do. Run your race. Compete, do not compare.

3  Don’t be afraid of what others say or think – Believe in yourself and focus on your goals. Nobody can make you feel bad or inferior unless you let them. People do not like change and can react badly to it. Never worry about controversy if you are passionate about what you’re doing. Remember every movement in business has been controversial. Be proud of what you are doing and refuse to get discouraged.

In all of your words and actions, people are looking to you as an example. There is no place in a successful business for fear.

Never use the words I can’t or  my.  Instead, say I will. You cannot ever consider failure as an option. My represents a selfish attitude. It should always be you, we, and our.

Develop a mental toughness. You can’t quit when you are afraid or if someone says no to you. Just always be excited, positive and happy even if something or someone has disappointed you. It’s all in how you react to a situation that will determine your success.

To contact Lynette Barbieri lmb0516@live.com

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