” We Are Never Too Old To Learn Or To Change”

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“The Most Difficult Decision Is The Decision To Act, The Rest Is Merely Tenacity!” Emilia Earhart

Did you ever hear the expression “If you’re not growing, you’re dying?” Or is it learning? Well, in any case, we are never too old to learn! Learning from the past and making changes for the future are imperative to growth! I chose to share this  with all of you because I recently just finished my 5th social media class in the last 2 years. My work wife might say I’m not good with social media, and I can agree I am not an expert by any stretch, but what I am proud of is that I learn and get better every day!

Three years ago I didn’t even know what social media was, and now I have a blog, Twitter, You Tube, I can use Periscope, and who knows what next! I think it is important to talk about this with other women in business because I recently turned 50. Don’t ever use your age not to learn or to change! Change is awesome! Without change there is no change. How would you expect to grow a business without being willing to change and grow as a person?

When I started my financial business about 18 years ago I owned a Pizzeria in The Village in NYC, followed by a Deli in Brooklyn for another 6 years. I am positive you can see the smooth transition from food and retail to finance, right? Well, neither did anyone else. But I did it. I had to go back to school, study, pass tests and clock countless hours of training, which I still do to this day. But I was learning, changing and therefore growing into a better version of myself. Who I was then, is not who I am now. Who I am now, isn’t who I will be in a year from now. Why? Because I know to thrive, I have to keep learning and changing.

I quickly went from learning, to training,  then teaching, to mentoring, while adding in  public speaking! Let me tell you, that was change for me. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! The one thing I proclaimed when I decided to go for it and jump into the financial services arena with both feet was that I would never, ever, never speak in front of a crowd. I threatened on more than one occasion to quit if anyone even suggested it! Now, here I am, doing it everywhere that I can. What’s todays key word? Change, gotta love it!

So now let’s just say I am at an age where even I felt it would be impossible to change. But what I found was that if you have a passion for what you do, for life, and for keeping yourself in good shape, and you are “having fun” at the same time, you can learn and do anything you want to! Do I get frustrated with myself at times? Sure I do. My stubbornness and controlling ego won’t allow me to give up; it drives me harder. I hope this can be an example to young and older ladies as well. It is o.k. to try new things and it is o.k. to change or enhance your current career.

Remember it is necessary to learn and to keep up with the times! It is o.k. to make mistakes, to learn, to meditate, to tweet and blog. Even tape videos for the public to see! You won’t die from public speaking, from pictures and videos with you in it. It’s still weird to me when people recognize me from a picture that was posted somewhere or a video we may have done, but it’s o.k.! When someone comes up to me and says thanks for sharing because of you I didn’t quit, that’s all the reinforcement I need to tell me I am in the right place and I am doing the right thing! Everything happens for a reason.

By the way, It’s also o.k. to enjoy happy hour and to enjoy your life any way you choose to!

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