Master the Art of Networking, 10 Things to Remember


Networking takes effort and time. Getting the most out of your networking takes sincerity. If you approach it correctly, you will master the art of networking.
Here are 10 Things to remember when you are at your next networking event:
1. Networking is marketing. It is marketing of yourself, your uniqueness, and what you do and are passionate about. But if you’re selling, people can smell that a mile away. Be sincere and interested in learning about other people’s business.
2.  Networking is Relationship Building. Truly getting to know other people takes time and patience. Relationships are not built overnight.

3.Networking is about being relatable. Before anyone does business with you, they will want to connect with you. 
4. Take people as far as they want to go, not as far as you want them to go.
5. A true conversationalist is not a…

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