Feeling Drained? How To Get Your Groove Back!



Don’t you just hate those days where you feel like the life was sucked right out of you? You’re actually just going through the motions…kind of limp and lifeless? Smiling is even hard?

Unfortunately, if you’re an entrepreneur -and have a family to take care of- how we feel physically and emotionally can negatively affect the outcome of our business!

Did you ever talk to a monotone and stiff sales person? I have and I don’t know about you, but the odds of them actually selling me something is slim to none.

We feed off people’s energy or lack of it. The good news is that if we can identify some of the reasons we feel this way and work on changing those things, we can get right back on track and find our energy!

Here are some things that may be affecting your mood:

  1. Lack of Sleep – This one is obvious…

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